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Hello/Hola/Olá/Privet! I'm Yulia.

I’m an Art Director born and raised in a country that is famous for the craziest youtube videos in the world. 

Am I crazy? I guess... Crazy about photography, books, dogs, music, cilantro. About trying something new and pushing my limits. 

You can also call it resourceful. Or inventive. Or problem-solving. It all started with my mom, who ran up and down the stairs in the hospital for a couple of hours because she didn’t want me to be born on the April’s Fool as predicted. She succeded: I was born the day before. 

I used to wear only black in my teens. Except for tights. I had them in full Pantone colours. Invented my own alphabet when I was 8. Weird kid.

I have lived in Russia, Spain, US and Brazil. Travelled around a bit and had a couple of quite bizarre adventures. 

Took not very sane decision to study in Miami Ad School. Loved it. Realised I can finally put this craziness to a good use.

Thanks for stopping by! 

See my Resumé and let's go for a coffee.

Currently I’m a freelancer in São Paulo.


+55 (11) 98988-7037